Where others see waste, we see a wasted opportunity

What we Offer?

Recycled PLA Filament

PLA is a bioplastic derived from plant-based sources, meaning it is more environmentally friendly compared to ABS, for example. However, PLA production is depleting natural resources faster than they can be replenished. To address this issue, we have switched to rPLA 3D printer filament (90% recycled), still boasting the same great PLA features buth with the added benefit of being produced from factory waste streams.


Pet bottles is 100% recyclable. No burning petroleum is needed for its fabrication process, and it quits bottle waste from environment.


At present, most plastic waste is perceived as valueless, it ends up in landfills or incinerators. Only a small fraction of the plastic waste is recycled. Unfortunately, a lot of discarded plastic ends up in our rivers, the sea (so called “plastic soup”), forests and even in animals. Plastic waste is a global problem and is interfering with our food chain and ecosystem. Moreover, plastic is made from oil, and this resource isn’t infinitely available. It’s time that we take responsibility and we make smarter use of our resources. It’s time to change and start recycling.