Print Services

3D Print Services: personal approach from idea to result

3D Printing as a solution to your problem creates a truly personal 3D printing service. We advise you from your idea to delivering a qualitative print. Do you have a 3D design? No problem! Email us your question and receive our advice immediately.

Variation of materials (ABS, PLA, nylon, fiberglass, wood, bronze, copper, brass, …)
> Different types of printing techniques (FDM, SLA, SLS)
> Immediate offer


The workflow

The workflow starts with drawing your idea in graphic software (CAD-Design). We then convert this design into an STL file that is uploaded in slicing software that analyzes the design line by line to control the printer. The parameters chosen here affect both the quality of the print and the printing time. Depending on the chosen material, these parameters are modified according to our expertise in order to guarantee the best possible result at the best price.

Prices are calculated on the basis of used cm3 material. Of course you will receive a precise price indication before the start of the project.

Your price advantage with our personal approach
In comparison: with automatic print services, there is a big chance that you will pay more than with a 3D artist. We analyze your print personally, so that we apply the most cost-efficient parameters anyway. Something that is not possible in an automatic system.